Monday, May 9, 2011

unexpected meeting 2

salam wbt.
dear all,

hurm, i haven't finish my exam yet. but i can't wait it any longer. my last paper is in 5 days more. so, please, let me do this. please!! [esp to mum, pleeeeaaseeee, mum. dngn muka kesian.-_-''] so, i assume mum allow. the end. teehee. i will try to type it as fast as i could. ok.

as i promise. the story!!! yahuuu. i already give the hint. but i bet you still cannot get it, huh. haha. [gelak evil]. well,at least i know there is at least one person guessing. [my loyal follower a.k.a. sista. haha :P ] whatever. stop mumbling. lets go straight to the story!!

it was started in the library. Indeed, i met my handsome classmate [my girlfriend disagree with this statement huhu] study very hard for the exams n bla bla bla. huh, why do i care. [did i have to mention he is handsome?? hurm, unnecessary]  forget it. nonsense. the best part was i met someone more special. it was almost 10 pm, and there was only me and one guy in the nursing library. i never intend to stay there until it closed. my earlier intention was just to finish the lecture notes. and as time passed by without knowing it, it was already late.

so, i started to pack my stuff. but it was not the end. i though i would be walking alone in the dark street. [not that dark act.. hyperbole! ].then, out of nowhere, like an angel, [still in the library] a muslim women came into the library specifically near to my sit to print something and our conversation start.

she offered to send me home which my current house is like faaarr awaay [35 minutes walk] from her house, or i could say it is out of her way. her husband was waiting in the car with her sisters. hurm, at first i hesitate to accept the offer. it was late night and i didn't want to ruin others family's plan. and i dont know her so well, i just know her origin, her house, she is a muslim and she is not a medic student, so i rarely see her. [since most of our class is at the hospital rather than at uni] the conclusion was i felt a bit awkward.but she insist. hurm. at the end, i accept her offer.

we walked out from the library, chit chat a bit, and here the car. a sports car with two doors and 3 people were inside.  i was like, "OMG!! how i'm going to fit into that" i cant believe we squeeze in. the sisters were friendly. overall, the whole family was awesome. full of advice, talkative, never stop talking though out the journey. and one of her sisters who i have never met before has the same name as mine. did i told u i never introduce myself that night? and the last time i introduce my name to her and her sister was during the first time we met which was ages ago! and surprisingly  both of them can recalled my name perfectly! haish, and i still have problem remembering which one is which one. they look the same but not twin! [one is Asma' and the other is Aisyah] and yes, the husband was good. acting like a good brother.give advice, etc2.

the most touching part.. in front of my house, under moonlight, she hugged me. it wasn't like normal hug. it was full with love, care, i don't know how to describe it. at that time, i never stop to thank HIM [alhamdulillah] for giving me ISLAM, the religion of peace, love. until today i can feel the warmth and i never stop smiling when thinking about that night. it was so wonderful. subhanallah. may Allah repay your deeds. jazakallahukhair.

yes, she is someone special that i told before. my sister. [not biologically sister] if you think it is like sister-sister thingy like at all-girls-school, then you are wrong. it is more than that. it is different. the feeling is totally different.why i say so?  first, she is not Malaysian but she is Muslim. 2nd, we rarely know each other but we helps each other for the sake of HIM, the Almighty. 3rd, Islam brings us together, being optimism.

Hadith # 13On the authority of Anas bin Malik, the servant of the messenger of Allah, that the prophet said :None of you will truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for  yourself”. (Al-Bukhari) 

moral of the story we never know what kind of helps He will give us. maybe through somebody, maybe through your mind, etc2. just continue doing good deeds for His sake. insyaAllah He will repay you with something you will never expect.

i think thats all for now. lots in mind act. but not now.enough for today. have to continue the jihad! one more paper to go insyaAllah.

ps next will be about marriage since many people are getting married this summer. heheh. *gatal* or maybe about His Sake. or maybe about etc2... the idea is only from Him.

pss nabilah farhana, yup, the picture in previous post is soo cute, i like his arts. this is the link to his gallery, lots of beautiful pic and msg too.