Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why? Why? Why?

Salam and hi!

This is random.
For medical students, why medicine?
To help people?
To become rich?
A nobel profession?
To secure your job?
Why? Why? Why?


I have no answer for you.
You have to answer for yourself.
So do I.

P.s letih berfikir lagi letih daripada letih fizikal.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Assalamualaikum & hi!

As promised! The continuation of the journey to a place I called home. It is still in flight story.

My seat was near to a BIG family. There were 2 boys, a twin, 2 teenagers, and the parents n a baby. Well, that was what i thought the relationship. But that's not the point. This little boy sat just across mine but a lil bit in front. N I dint know why he keep on looking at me. Admirer huh? Haha. Perasan.

Nway, I just ignored him. Too tired to play. Remind me of my Korea trip, I did play with a Lil girl for hours. just love kids. not pedophile huh. Haha. But that was last summer. This time, I slept all the way, woke up just for eating and play games. Huhu.

The highlight :when the plane was going to land, the twin girl who I assumed his sister, threw up. And here comes the domino's effect. He threw up too. Since he was using a transparent plastic ( the one that used to put the headphone) I saw that his vomit is crystal clear. Hurm, so i made a diagnose, he is not sick. Huhu. *Suke ati je* Nway, i search for paper bag (bag for vomit cant remember the name) and gave it to him. Not hoping for any rewards or anything. I just felt pity for him. A Lil kid. Period.

That wasn't the end. We were safely landed at the airport and I was thinking how to bring down the 10Kg bag. Well I was not the one who put it up. Hehe. Then suddenly came a man. An Indian man (again, assume! Racist gile) offered a help n I was like yipeeee. No osteoporosis. Hoho.

After few moment i think it back. Is this what it means by pay it forward? I did not get a help from the family of the Lil boy who sit near to me but instead from someone else. Doing good is contagious i believe.

Another kindness I felt was at the KLIA airport. Earlier that journey, at the London, there was a woman I assumed an Asian, asked my help to take care of her things when she went to the toilet. Oh, mum, I know u keep on reminding me don't ever accept things from others or take care of strangers' stuff. But i didn't easily accept it. The bags were on a seat, few seats away from mine n she didn't put it beside me, she just want me to watch for her. Oh well that's easy. If there was any suspicious stuff inside or a police came and asked for the owner, I would ignore it. It was not on my body or anything. No proof. But that's was not happened. Just my thoughts.

Anyway, I thought I was not going to see her again but to my surprised we did see each other until KL departure hall, not arrival hall! I was queued just behind her for domestic flight. We did a little bit of chit chat. I thought she was a Malaysian but She was from China! studied in Sheffield, spent holiday with her boyfriend at JB. N i dropped my bag at the counter just beside hers.

My bag was so heavy! Obviously overweight and so do her. I gave all my boarding pass n cards so ever.N to my surprised akak counter was so kind n didn't even mention about the weight! Yahooo. I was sooo worried earlier that I need to pay for the extra weight.

When I was just about to go from the counter, feeling sooo happy! I heard a little bit chaos at the next counter. That's her. I offered a help and indeed she needed. She have to pay RM120 because of overweight bag n she has only pound. Apparently she didn't check in at the kiosk because she didnt know. And the mak cik at the counter was sooo unfriendly n kalut! *I pon jadik kalut sebab dia kalut* Anyway, we exchanged money RM and Pound since I most probably need it in the future. N I offered to bring her to the kiosk to check in. But suddenly the mak cik said she can check her in at the counter. Oh my, just now u forced her to go to the kiosk to check in and she did said she didn't know but u still force her but in fact u can check her in at the counter. Apakah?! *Sorry belit ayat*

I didn't know her, not even her name. But i knew she needed help. Dear Mak Cik Kaunter, I know u are doing your duty but can you please be nicer? A smile or perhaps talk nicely? I know english is difficult but at least give it a try with a smile. Oh yes, the mak cik also kept on bragging her, the china girl to take off the tag at the bag. The chinese girl is a lil bit blurred. but I dint think she needs to do it herself. mine just now, nothing like that. everything was taking care of the akak. She took off the old tag, not me. grrr. i don't understand the mak cik.

Whatever it is, I brought her to the counter where to pay the excess weight and to get her boarding pass. Done with the episode with her.

That's another example of pay it forward. I get help from the akak at the counter and I feels soo happy. So it is my obligatory to help her. And may the chain continue. :)

This video explains everything.

Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Arabs & Flight

Assalamualaikum & goodddd morning! 2013 hereee.

This post was written during last winter hols. On the journey going back to home sweet home. In the flight actually, well lone ranger ini je lah kerja nye :P enjoy!

Yes, we did feel angry when people take our things/rights.

Today i learn two things
1. Never generalized
2. Dont let ur anger control u

I have seen lots of this episodes before but this time i am experienced it by myself. Aha.
The story begins when i walked along the aisle n my seat is at the back. 51E. really at the back of the plane, 5 rows from behind. ( i think 5) huhu Far away, carry a 10kg bag. N suddenly i saw someone on my seat. Ok. My first thought was she might got a wrong sit. Oh yes, her appreance is not like a typical arab couple. She looks like a mat salleh. In fact she sat with a friend- girl. So i bet she most probably got a wrong sit.

But to my surprised. Nope. She didnt got a wrong sit but instead she change her seat. N i did agree to change with her without knowing the sit number YET. No harm to change i guess. I am just a lone ranger. Lols.
It didnt end there. She told her seat number. 17A! It is like turning all the way back to the entrance door! the sit is 2 rows after the entrance door, so it is exactly turning back. The flight attendence confront me n pujuk me to change the seat. Alright2 but i need someone to help me with the bag. It was not that i cant carry by my own but it was like a win win situation. She got the seat n i got someone to carry my bag n help me to put into the overhead compartment. Oh before that did i told u that there are no place to put my bag near to the seat 51e? N to my delighted there was still a space in fact one whole compartment to put my bag at VERY near to the seat 17a. Alhamdulillah. Allah is the Most Gracious. Oh n yes the sterwardess carried it up. On the previous flight, i did by myself n i can feel my backbone going to break. Hoho.

Aha, n my seat which is 17A had been change to 17C. This time it is arab couple. As expected. They change from 17B and 17C to A n C. Naah i dont mind that much. At least i can sit at the aisle side n easy to go to the toilet.

The moral of the story, there are no reason why we have to be angry, because we might get a better one. Allah empty our hands for a better gift. N if u think u havent got a better gift then think again, try to think out of the box n look around you. I believe if u do that u can see thousands of better gifts from Him, the Almighty.

Another moral of the story, dont generalize, not all arabs change their seat without negotiate. There are some who didnt do that. N this attitude might have in other people too regardless of their races, nationality n religions. So, dont easily jump into conclusion. *a note to myself*

To be continued... This is real, i have already write it in this lil ipod, it is just a matter of time when to post it :)

P.s how i wish this flight is the one i will board. This gate was just in front of the multi faith room. Got time to admire the size of the plane. Hehe.