Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The melancholy

Salam and hi!

Work killing me! There are lots of things that need to be done until I realize that there are things I need to prioritize. The previous post become dreams that are not come true. Yeah, I did some but not all. In order to convince myself, I did my best in the things I do. Eventhough not ALL. Well, you cant be that perfectionist. *again, trying to not feel guilty*

Well, Ramadhan, Syawal, and Zulkaedah are gone and now is Zulhijjah. Eid Adha is coming. Time flies so fast! and I am back to school. Meet new and old friends, went to motivational program, celebrated new members to the family here, went to sign language class, meet patients, etc2 To think about it, I am quite contented. But life is like a bed of roses. It might look beautiful but once you sit on it, you will activate your A delta afferent neuron. Well, thats life. It is not always great, fun, happy, there are times when we shed tears, depress, etc2. Thats what we call as Sunnahtullah. Whatever goes up, will goes down and it will goes up again, and goes down. Like a moving wheel.

Some people think it is ALWAYS sunnahtullah, but they forgot there are also SYARIATULLAH. based on Quran and Hadis.
There are a group of people rely on syariatullah ONLY and forgot about Sunnahtullah.
But, as a true believer we need to BELIVE in BOTH - SUNNAHTULLAH and SYARIATULLAH.

anyway, in knowing who am i? *I know I am a Muslim, a believer, but this test is to know my own strength and weakness because I believe I have both but I dont know what* i did this personality test. It is kinda funny. But it makes me think again if is it true. A Muhasabah on my attitude.

The Melancholy Personality Type

Do you have the melancholy personality? If you do, then you probably noticed that you’re creative, respectful, analytical, and thoughtful. The most appropriate word for you is ‘thinker’. Unlike the extroverts, you are very careful with your actions because you’re sensitive to their needs. These are your strengths. But you see, the coins have two sides and so if you have strengths, you also have weaknesses.

As the word suggests, you care very moody. There are times when you feel happy but then after a couple of minutes, you feel depressed or sad. Melancholy personalities have the tendency to be suspicious, critical, and pessimistic. Others won’t find it easy to please you because you’re always fuzzy with the details. Still, you can create lasting friendships.

Striving for perfection is not wrong but there are times when you expect too much from others because of your ‘perfectionist’ attitude. You need to realize that not all people are like you so you have to accept them for who they are.  The lives of melancholy persons are usually in order and their creativity shows in their everyday work. In terms of friendship, you are self sacrificing which means that your loyalty is unending.
Among your positive traits are serious, purposeful, musical, artistic, talented, conscientious, idealistic, poetic, philosophical, and genius prone. Once you establish your own family, you usually set high standards and you want everything to be done right. The home is always in proper order. It is also common for parents having this personality to encourage talent and scholarship. The melancholy personality is also willing to sacrifice for their children’s well being.

Your employer believes in you because you tend to be schedule oriented. You have high standard, keeps things organized, economical, tidy, neat, detail conscious, and is able to identify creative solutions with ease. However, you are not a people-oriented person and hesitate to begin new projects. You also need constant approval from your employer to ensure that you’re on the right track. Consuming too much time with the planning aspect can be a waste of time and effort especially when others were able to finish ahead of you.
You find it very easy to make friends although you are extra cautious. You don’t want to cause too much attention since you would rather prefer to stay in the background. Your friends adore you and usually depend on you to help them solve your problems. Among the negative attitudes that are seen in melancholy people are socially insecure, skeptical, remote, withdrawn, and don’t want to be opposed.

True enough the melancholy person is far better than the aggressive extroverts. However, this doesn’t mean that you will no longer try to improve your weaknesses. Now that you know your strengths, you can use them to your advantage. Try to work on your weaknesses so that you can also convert them into strengths. This can be hard at first but you have to stay focused. The melancholy personality is an ideal personality as long as you’re able to control your weakest points.

p/s to what extend this is true, I dont know. I have to figure it out first. But it is a good thing that you know your strength and weakness so that in the future you can you use your strength to the fullest for UMMAH and reduce your weakness. The word Melancholy might sound a weak person i am, and as if negative. But I dont care because I believe everything in this world has both positive and negative. Just ignore the word but know what exactly does it means.

p/ss if you are interested to do personality test, I did mine here. take this quiz!

thats all for tonight, have a nice rest! :)