Monday, April 27, 2015

It is not that I don't want

Salam and hi! 

This time of the year! *selain dari kisah hidup ko, banyak lagi yang berlaku nuhhh. Tahu ke?*


Too many things other than typical medical student's first world problem. 

I know I know. So here it goes. The summary. 

1) last night, a bad earthquake happened in Nepal. Many died and injured. And at the same time, many people/organizations all over the world are gathering to help. (Including Christians. No comment on this, eventhough I've seen people say something yadaa yadaa. My only opinion is everyone is doing their job to ensure the continuity  of their followers)

2) Dr Wan Azizah as Permatang Pauh candidate. Hurmmmmmmmmm.

3) GST - Tun Dr M and BN. And the people are suffering. Kena berjimat la gamaknya. Oh tahukah anda doa orang yang dizalimi akan dimakbulkan? #Trivia. To be honest, I don't mind GST being implemented in Malaysia to boost the economy GIVEN THAT the government manage well the current resources i.e tax, natural resources, subsidi, gaji etc. The proof that the gov is not managing well are the jet issues, the wedding etc.

4) New fresh graduates will get job as a houseman after a year later- well, nothing much can be done. Exam dulu la kot. Rezeki di tangan tuhan. 

5) Malaysians students in Russia involved in fire and badly injured. Whenever you are in this world, ujian itu pasti ada. Thats His promise.

.... And the list goes on and on. It is not that I don't want to know or comment or post in FB or any other social media but it is just I think I don't know soo many things. I don't know behind those stories, I don't know what exactly happens. The content. Not the issues. I don't want to discuss issues but I want to discuss the content. The theme. So, I need to study more on each news that I have received. BUT if it is obviously wrong, against Islam, then it is. No need to justify the mungkar. 

If you asked me until when? 
Definitely we are not perfect. But my answer is until we met the Creator. Keep on improving ourselves on learning other knowledge. 

Then, you will ask me, kalau macam tuh tak boleh la post-post dekat FB or blog or etc?
My answer is: looking at the audience and the language you use. You can do it and if it turns out you are wrong, ready to accept. Apologize. because we are not perfect. We don't know everything in this world!

Honestly, look at your audience, their behaviour etc. Not everyone will have that attitude of tegur in a nice way without condemn you if you are wrong. So, before writing and post, say Bismillah and istighfar. then, tawakal ala Allah. Get your intention right and insyAllah Allah will help you :)

Just a short reminder for today! :) 

Alhamdulillah for whatever we have. Ar Razaak, Yang Maha Memberi Rezeki.

Kata Umar Al Khattab, "yang penting bagiku bukanlah dikabulkan doa, tetapi keinginan untuk terus berdoa. Justeru, setiap kali aku terdetik untuk berdoa, pasti aku berkeyakinan bahawa bersertannya pasti ada pengabulan doa" kerana Dia adalah Al Mujib, Yang Maha Mengabulkan. Cuma kita mahu atau tidak untuk berdoa.

Doa = dengan penuh pengharapan , pergantungan dan jiwa sebagai seorang hamba.

Selamat berdoa!

p/s exam finals in less then 2 weeks! please pray for me too! Thank you, readers!

8 Rejab 1436H