Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things are moving soooo fast


Kali ni nak bilingual ar. hoho.  Lets see if I can do that. Hehe.

It is 2 am and I am still awake. Thinking about how fast things have move! Called mum yesterday and told her that I slept at 3 am for almost a week. why? bukan belajar pon, it is just I can't sleep. golek-golek atas katil, tunggu mata lelap. did nothing. huhu. and mum said, Allah suruh pi semayang tahjud la tuh. ehehs.

Lately, I have been thinking. Everything is moving sooo fast! Itu apa yang aku fikir. But actually it is not. It is just inside my mind. Lets give a situation:

At home.
Things need to be done: Solat, study, baca quran, kemas bilik, masak, makan, online, whatsapp, makan lagi, print, online lagi, kerja itu, kerja ini, study lagi, baca buku cerita,baca buku ilmiah, study lagi, etc2 endless things to do. especially when internet around.

Internet is one of the factors. There are LOTS of other things as well. There are sooo many things we want to do. With the powerful technology, we can get information in a split second! and we are easily get anxious when someone reply our message/return our call late.

At university.
I have found a new place to study. Where things-look-like moving slow and steady. Well, it IS moving. The place is The Hub. It is not a library. It has sofas, snooker, cafe, table football. It is a nice place. I found peace there.yup, you can hear people laughing, people talking, but those things make me humane. If you ask me, does it has internet wifi? yes, it has! but it doesn't bother me so much to go online except for academic purpose. .

I can't study at the library anymore. It got me insane. Yes, I love books but the surrounding is so depressing. Everyone is studying and muka macam nak makan buku. I can't stand that. It makes me nervous and anxious. It makes me THINK I have sooooo much to study! *although the fact that yes I have to study a lot! haha* I can't stand too much pressure. I will easily feel inferior and end up, I choose to sleep. OVERsleep. hoho.

At college back then.
It reminds me of my college years, where everything moves slow and steady. Yes, we have CAS, EE and whatsoever. But with less distraction i.e internet slow, information pakai mulut je, phone jarang pakai except call rumah, no whatsapp, and plus the greeny environment. Both factors keep me alive and calm. I THINK I am a calm person back then, ke camne, classmate? hehe.

I did remember I still have time to lepak-lepak seorang diri di surau blok. Sit and do reflection. Muhasabah. or sit at the back of Blok F, facing ladang kelapa sawit, listening to motivational song alone while thinking about the future or went jog satu kolej.

It was the past. I did a lot of sharpening the saw huh? Things change. Now, I don't feel like do those things because I THINK I have soooo many things to do! and everything are moving so fast! a friend said, "this sem killer tau" and lots to study!  even nak buat ibadah pun, hati ke lain. haish.

but one day, i was listening to this kuliah online. and ustaz tuh cakap:

Manusia telah dijadikan (bertabiat) tergesa-gesa. Kelak akan Aku perlihatkan kepadamu tanda-tanda (adzab)-Ku. Maka janganlah kamu minta kepada-Ku mendatangkannya dengan segera.” (QS. al-Anbiya’: 37)

Rasulullah SAW bersabda “Tergesa-gesa itu berasal dari syaitan, kecuali pada lima tempat, karena sesungguhnya tergesa-gesa dalam hal itu termasuk sunnah Rasulullah SAW. yaitu: Memberi makan kepada tamu, jika menginap. Mengurus jenazah orang yang sudah meninggal. Mengahwinkan anak perempuan jika sudah baligh. Membayar hutang jika telah jatuh tempoh pembayarannya. Dan bertaubat dari dosa jika terlanjur mengerjakannya.” Ketergesa-gesaan dalam lima perkara ini sebenarnya bukanlah ketergesa-gesaan, akan tetapi pensegeraan untuk cepat dilakukan dengan pemikiran yang jernih dan matang terlebih dahulu.

“Ketenangan itu dari Allah dan tergesa-gesa itu dari syaitan” (HR. Tarmidzhi)

dan ada satu ayat tuh, ustaz tuh cakap jangan tergesa-gesa, ada kemungkinan kita tidak akan dapat apa yang kita gesakan. contohnya, kalau kita tergesa-gesa nak berjaya, takut-takut Allah tak bagi pun kita berjaya.

Time dengar ustaz tuh ulas, hati ni terus zapppppppppp..

so, sekarang dalam proses merelekskan diri. Relaks brother, relaks laaaa. *tiba-tiba lagu tuh datang. ehehs*

Sometimes when we are in calm, we can achieve more than when we are in anxiety. Belajar pun tak masuk kalau cuak. hoho. Another thing is  FB, orang zaman sekarang nak post/comment laju je. without thinking. *not all ye* itu juga termasuk dalam bahagian tergesa-gesa ye rakan-rakan.

Sikap berhati-hati itu adalah sikap terpuji dan sikap tergesa-gesa adalah sikap tercela.

Done the reflection for today! Mari ubah!

Riyadhus Solihin

p/s this tergesa-gesa apply in daily life. but in amalan, we are advisable to menyegerakan i.e solat.

: “Maka berlumba-lumbalah kamu dalam berbuat kebaikan.” (Surah al-Baqarah, ayat 148). 

keep calm and peluk tiang. ehehs. 

keep calm and play netball :D

pssst post yang agak releks and personal. I THINK this blog is getting personal ehs. 0_O  Oh well, blog muhasabah diri sama-sama. I am ain't perfect buddy. Moga anda belajar dari kesilapan diri yang kerdil ini. Life is full of adventure and accepting mistakes, a preparation for hereafter. Orang kata 'pack' barang untuk kehidupan di sana. May Allah bless!

Friday, September 6, 2013

The word success has 2 Cs no A

"workaholics vs workafrolic"
"work tops talent"
"most successful not the smartest but they work the hardest"
""If you're going to be successful in anything, the key thing is work hard"

"untuk berjaya tidak semestinya perlu intelligent. Orang yang rasa dia pandai, kurang berjaya kerana akan berhenti belajar. Kunci kejayaan adalah disiplin" - Prof Dr Muhaya.

credit: MDK team
Sesungghnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum kecuali kaum itu sendiri yang mengubah apa-apa yang ada pada diri mereka

From the book Terapi Berfikir Positif by Dr Ibrahim Elfiky. He keeps on saying those verses thousand times in order to have a positive mind. Indeed, you can do that!

p/s Hello September! Class has started. so, it means, busy busy busy days! May Allah ease :) pray pray and ask from Him!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Whatever. Malaih nak pikiaq.

What would society think?

As I grew older, i realize something. It does matter to a person what a society would think. Because thats had been taught *informally*  since we were small.  Disclaimer: This is a generalization of the current generation. Some might not think that way.

It is 1 syawal, eid celebration and we meet lots of people. So, at my age, there are tons of questions and i do realize people will give the best answer that will satisfy the society. Do u know what i mean? 
Example between an aunt (A) and a not so old and not so young women (W)

A: belajar kat mana?
W: University
A: oversea kaa?
W:  aah
A: wahhhh course apa?
W: medic
A: bila nak habih?
W: tak lama dah

Oh well, it is a fact that she is studying medicine abroad, not a lie. But at one point i dont think those questions appropriate in our society anymore. I know it is kind of breaking the ice, catch up things, etc2 but those questions encourage the society to think a proper education is everything! Neglecting the skills, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and tons of other abilities that makes the diversity! 

It is sort of instill in the children mind that those As are as important as everything else! And get into a university is the ultimate goal.  And when he/she didn't perform in school, the first thing that strike - KALAU orang tanya macam mana?? Heck! Don't think about what others think! Just do your best and if u didn't perform it is not the end of the world! Life is not just about books! 

Just do good in whatever you do, for ummah's benefit in the future.  Not to impress the society.  Benefit and impress are two different words/actions.

Just get your intention correct. Niat. 
Lillahita'ala. not because of the society or family or parents. But for the religion. For Him, The Almighty. 

Another fav question. Marriage.

Bila nak kawen? Bila nak buat majlis? 
I know i did ask this kind of question a lot to my friends and seniors. Kinda teasing. *shouldn't :( * *muhasabah*

Indeed marriage is a good thing. Never disagree on that. But THE act of asking that question  is not a good thing! Why? The question is kinda urge u to get married regardless who the future husband/wife is.  The main thing about the marriage is not just the kenduri thingy, it is more than that! And the question shouldn't be ask recklessly. 

I know some might think alaaa soalan nak kenen2kan ke. Ok. If thats the case, go on. Maybe u want to know whether he/she has somebody or not. Then, make sure there is an action, not just asking for the sake of teasing or break the ice. I know i did that sometimes. It is because I am so get used of accepting that kind of questions and I think it is ok. But today I think again. It might be ok for me because I know my family would not allow me to get married soon. So I have answers to all those questions. But for those who are graduating/working/ studying but parents allow to get married and doesn't have anyone to get married to, it would be something depressing when receiving those questions. And we don't want to make the situation awkward or disappoint the person who ask, so we will think the best answer without hurting the one who asked. 

Copyright: Qabsah Anisah

Instead of thinking the answer, lets stop doing that to others. Both two questions are my fav question too. Never disagree on that. *Sigh*. But maybe this Syawal will become my turning point. Instead of ask those questions, why not asking something better. 

"Apa khabar KL? Any good improvement in crime rates?"
" makin banyak tembak menembak, macam mana ni?"
"Majlis ilmu dekat JB amacam?"
"How's the culture oversea? How they accept u guys yang pakai tudung?"
"Dah baca buku ni? baguih ni"

Soalan ummah. 

Bila makin tua.
With great power comes great responsibility

Abu Hurairah relates that Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said;" Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent. And whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should show hospitality to his neighbor. And whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should show hospitality to his guest" [Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

p/s it is a generalization. Some people just ignore the questions and malaih nak pikiaq, but some yes. Like me, a perfect melancholic personality. I tend to think more. Even on a small thing. hoho. Perfectionist katakan. Lols. 

1 Syawal 1434H
Open house rumah kak Yong.