Saturday, October 15, 2011

different personality

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon u.

one month gone and one day had change my life. and in one second, i decide to stop writing. no kidding.. i want to stop writing. too much things to tell, too much things to share, too much things to think. but in the end none been written here, none been posting here, none people know what is inside my mind and heart. let it be. maybe thats the way to change.

here is a list on things inside my mind. no explanation. just what i think and i want you to think about it as well.

1. most of non muslims are more understanding than the muslims. why is that so?
2. non muslims practicing more islamic values in their life than the muslims.
3. there are many people called themselves as friends, but only some of them really care about us
4. ask, don assume
5. although some of the assumptions are true, but it does make difference when you ask.
6. word 'understand/faham' does make different especially when someone is in confusion or despair
7. pretending you know about someone or something is ain't cool at all
8. change of heart does happen
9. to face the world after a big failure is not as easy as what you think
10. you dont know others feeling unless you experience it yourself
11.just a simple word showing you care about her/him will change her/his world
12. words did not express what are inside the heart
13.only He knows what is inside someone's heart
14. never ever let anger in your heart
15. positive thinking
16. face the world and encourage others to do that as well
17. world is a small place, compare to heaven
18. Allah, the Most POWERFUL
19. watch your mouth
20. love and appreciate people around you.


emotional person i'am. sensitive.wet eyes. ain't cool person anymore.nerdy. coward. stronger.thinner.funny. yup. people do change.

p.s only He knows what is exactly inside my mind.