Friday, January 7, 2011

A picture paints a thousand words- turkey part 1

salam, all

my class just started this week. and it means, new resolutions begins- FOCUS!
so, lets end the 2010 story!

hurm, frankly, my post this time will full of pictures. like what english people always said a picture paints a thousand words. hehe.

the journey begins! waweee. off to turkey after 20 minutes delayed

the first day- off to topkapi palace, now becomes a museum

topkapi palace again! - it is so big u know- boleh sesat lo

topkapi jugak- pusat pendidikan anak2 dahulu kala

topkapi palace- tersimpannya pedang para khalifah dan nabi

topkapi- tempat persidangan
hagia sofea- from a church to mosque- now becomes a museum
inside hagia sofea-the first place where sultan al-fateh and his soldiers pray after conquer istanbul
hagia sofea- mimbar- it is sooo tall. wonder how a khatib can give khutbah without any p.a. system huhu.
inside hagia sofea- sooo spacious. it is once not just a mosque, but a school to teach children, cook, etc. it was a social place, a gathering place. how bout our mosque now??

hagia sofea- some of the islamic value that are still preserved by Attartuk

blue mosque- facing hagia sofea, blue inside.
maiden tower- at bosphorus strait- originally was build to save the daughter from snake- tapi ajal tuhan, tak boleh lari
from the cruise- bosphorus strait
mavi marmara ship- parking at the shore
sultan al-fateh's fortress- sad when they use it for concert during summer.

at sultan al-fateh's mosque- people prayed jenazah prayer- reminding us of death- anywhere, anytime,anyone
at the courtyard of sultan muhammad al-fatih's mosque
sultan al-fateh's mosque under construction- behind it is sultan muhammad al-fateh's tomb
on the way to the tomb- a building that relate with palestine issue [the poster is in turkish-cant understand much.huhu]
dolmabache palace- the clock tower
dolmabache tower- tanda kejatuhan turkey dan tempat kematian attartuk dalam keadaan yang menyeksakan
at the back of dolmabache palace- once was a port then became a palace
view from the palace
the front of the dolmabache palace
the main gate of dolmabache palace- where the country money wasted

good bye, turkey

a memorable trip indeed. ^_^

thats was how i spend my winter holiday for the first time. more turkey stories after this!
these are just the buildings, the history.The presents are different.

yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present."- kungfu panda



This is a beautiful story told by my seniors during our journey in historical city, istanbul.

Abu Idris al-Khawlani said, "I entered the mosque of Damascus and there was a young man with white teeth there with some other people.When they disagreed about something, they referred it to him and followed his opinion. I inquired about him and it was said, 'That is Mu'adh ibn Jabal.'

The following day, I went early and I found that he had come earlier than me and I found him praying. I waited for him until he finished his prayer and then I approached him from the front.

I greeted him and then said, 'By Allah, I love you for the sake of Allah.'
He said, 'By Allah?' I said, 'By Allah.'
He said, 'By Allah?' I said, 'By Allah.'

He took hold of the upper part of my cloak and pulled me to him.

He said, 'Rejoice! I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, "Allah Almighty says, 'My love is mandatory for those who love one another in Me and sit together for My sake and who visit one another for My sake and who give generously to to one another for My sake.'"'" [Muwatta']

and this is the other one hadith about friendship in Islam

The Prophet (SAW) said 'The right of a Muslim upon a Muslim are six' It was asked what are they? He replied
' When you meet him, salute him
when he calls you, respond to him
When he seeks advice , give him advice
When he sneezes and praises Allah, respond to him
When he falls ill, visit him
When he dies, follow him (the funeral bier)' (Muslim)

mashaAllah it was so wonderful.

"o Allah, please grant all my friends with your blessings. I love them for Your sake, o The Most Gracius"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

the beginning of a journey

salam, all.

it had been ages since my last post. so, lets go straight to the point!!

this is just a short story of a girl who persuade her dream in an unknown world.
the first challenge she has to face: four times change date and time of flight to the unknown part of the world. she still able to accept it. maintain her coolness.

the first changes: from 7th september to 9th september (one day before eid)
2nd changes: from 9th september change back to 7th
3rd changes: from morning 7th september change to night 7th sept
4th changes: from night 7th sept to evening 8th sept (due to technical problem by MAS - have to stay one night in Palace of Golder Horses)

arrive in London that night, miss the flight to Dublin. have to stay another night at Park Inn Hotel. got complicated issues with MAS officer. (should be in Hilton Hotel but it was already full. then waiting for MAS officer to open their counter which took them ages to do that. Mara UK officer wasn't that helpful at first until we said "x pe la, kitorg tido kat airport je" (tau takut, hehe)) when arrived Dublin, need to took bus to the destination..

3 days later she arrived to "that" place with bunch of kids. laughing n singing. singing?? don't think so. hehe. nway, it was still sunny until the day she realized she miss something. she miss her cats, home, mum and dad (obviously, it was so faaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr away, who didn't miss their family and hometown??) well, this is another story, she miss her money. erk, that sentence is kinda weird huh? lets make it simpler. she misplaced her small travel pouch.(money and bank draft inside) along the journey.

it wasn't the end of the story. to make things worst, it was eid celebration the day after she arrived and she was in completely no mood to celebrate it, which it was supposed to be the day of happiness. she tried. only some knew the fact that she lost her 1100 euro along with the bank draft, (for 6 months allowance) she tried not to cried. yes, she made it but not long enough..

after almost one week, she called her family but didn't tell the truth. only the sisters knew. but they kept it as secret. she didn't want her parents to know. it was too much pain in her heart and too much sacrificed her parents had done for her before sent her fly. at last, the sister leaked out the secrets. it wasn't secret anymore. she called home again but this time she can't stop her tears anymore. it was too hurt even listen to mum's voice.

she have to do everything alone and being independent. indeed she told some seniors, but what can they do? they also have their own problem and things to think. she hate put more burden on others especially people that she hardly know.

things begun to settled down.but life wasn't that easy. life is not like a bed of roses. there were lots of things to handle. but only to Him , she asked forgiveness and ease her path.

(the above part was written on 28th september 2010)
lets continued the journey of this little girl. the writer was soooo busy until today she realized the story need to to be completed

{5} فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا

So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:

{6} إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا

Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.

{7} فَإِذَا فَرَغْتَ فَانْصَبْ

Therefore, when thou art free (from thine immediate task), still labour hard,

{8} وَإِلَى رَبِّكَ فَارْغَبْ

And to thy Lord turn (all) thy attention.


yes, there is relief after every difficulty. that is His promise. She believe in that until the end of her life. after a very hectic week, her emotional unstable, her life turn upside down, she started to change. not to worst, but she become a stronger girl. money is everything. habluminnas wa habluminaAllah are more important.

a month later, a person gave her an envelope. she confused and hesitated. is this a kind of game?(she become a little bit skeptical) so difficult to believe and open her heart for others. she was being tooo careful. at the end, she accept the envelope and look inside. a few hundred euros. speechless.

" sis, what is this means?"
the person said, " just accept it. there are few people give it to u. they are willing to help is just a little. not 1100 euro. we are sisters. u are a muslim, right?" she nodded, then the person continued," then, we are family."

she cried. felt touched. not because of the money, but because of that person statement, her face expression, her attitude, her sincerity. it is totally different.

in a place where family are so difficult to reach, where there are soo few people, she was so grateful to be there. to be part of the family, ( a.k.a. galway family) alhamdulillah.

(few months later, she received another envelope, the same person give it to her but it is from another country, called united kingdom)

o Allah, grant them with jannah as I'm incapable to do that. only You, the Almighty.

she don't know what to say or what to do. only Him can pay all the deeds. thank you. thank you so much.

love others more than you love yourself. :)

next post, insyaAllah- my very first winter holiday