Friday, March 30, 2012

time limit

salam wbt.

Not yet Easter holiday, but already feels on holiday. hehe. ok. the truth is there is sooo much things to do. And i have sooo much time.. ok. liar... Last Sunday was the day we started daylight saving. What is daylight saving? 
hurm, in simple words, we change our clock so that we can spend more time sun bathing after work/study [this is my own definition kay] There is one day in a year that we will have 23 hours per day and one day a year we will have 25 hours per day. So, if you say 24 hours are not enough, think again. Wait till the daylight saving ends, then you can get 25 hours a day. [ but i still feel the same. lols] (more about daylight saving, watch this 

Stop beating around the bush. Straight to the topic TIME LIMIT. We have time limit in our lives. You control how you spend your time. But there is always time limit. Even though the truth is you are soooo lazy to do things that you dont like, but we do have time limit. We cant postpone things till the end of the day, or till the death tear us apart, All human beings believe we will die one day. but no one knows when or where.

I dont want to go into sad moments, regrets, etc2. because we all know that already. I believe YOU know that already. YOU know that the day will come. YOU know that we dont have much time. YOU know that you have to prepare for the day after. YOU know those things! but you choose how to react. You choose how to prepare. You choose how to manage your time. It is all based on YOU/ US.

My wonderful mother always said, "it is not the quantity but it is QUALITY. But how much do you spend on internet, How much do you spend on studying? How much do you have quality time?? Ask yourselves. Make a timeline and by the end of the day, you see yourselves what have you achieved"

And it is sooo true. Dont wait till the end of the week. Just see by the end of the day, before you go to sleep. read your timeline of the day. [not timeline in FB -_-''] How do you spend your time??? And yet you still say 24 hours are not enough to study?? 

Just a reminder for myself too. We think we dont have much time and yet we still open Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Google Plus, etc2. Think again. 

I want to share a quote; 

Wasting time is worse than death because death separates you from this world, whereas wasting time separates you from Allah
- Ibnu Al Qayyim

at Victoria Garden, Kylemore Abbey, Connemara

Soo true. The definition of wasting time is we do things that didnt benefit us or our religion or not bring us closer to HIM. Everything we do, make sure we have a right ni'at. Right intention. 

May Allah bless us and our time. Amin

#reminderoftheday: plan your time carefully and follow! Be more serious! Life is short. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

uzlah di sana dan di sini


salam, all!

these are the places where i have been in last one month. Searching for my identity. who am i ?? 

Spanish Arch, Galway Bay

Glendalough, Wicklow

Swansea, Wales


Aran Island