Monday, June 6, 2016

Never ending life lessons

Sometimes we take things for granted and we thought no one care. But the truth is different people have different way of showing.

During those tough times, I have saw, met, talked, different types of people. I've heard a quote saying you'll know your true friends during your tough times. I'm kinda partially agree, but it is not 100% true.

I learn about it in a hard way and I learn my lesson. Let me tell you.

One of many other stories.

People say girls gossip more. But the truth is both gender gossip. No gender superior to another. So, I know this guy. Well, I rarely talked to guy (or even befriend). Not because I am a feminist Lols. Just because I don't have a reason to talk to them. (boleh terima? Lols)

Anyway, back to this guy. Let's give him a name, Mr X. He is famous in our class as a very friendly guy. And he is belong to a group of man. Hurm, how to put it, a kecoh group? Lols. So, happened to be we were in a same group in faraway (read:peripheral) land for our last rotation. It was near to exam and we were only 5 of us Malaysians and 2 Irish. Hence, we have to work together. I have no problem with him. No at all. But he knows too much about my personal life (which I have no idea where he got it. Never talk to him before). I'm kinda don't like it. But I don't want to make a scene and I don't have any grudge on him. Not at all. Why? Hurm, because I know he is Kecoh group member. Lols. Anyway, I believe the more we discuss about it, the more information leak. So, I decided to keep quiet and only talk about studies or relevant stuffs etc.

Ok. So, when this 'thing' happened, a friend told me, he knew. Well, he is a member of Kecoh group. No surprised. No at all. But this time, I did feel a little bit hurm annoying?. Not just him but anyone else. People talked behind your back and do nothing. Just talked. It hurts. It really hurts. I don't mind people know I have go through this and that, but if you know he or she have go through calamity, as a friend or at least as a brother or sister in Islam, offer your help. Be it as beautiful words, prayers, physical help. Anything! There are so many things you can do. (reminder to myself. But unfortunately, I'm always the last person to know about this stuffs that happens to other people. Hurm. Asyik duduk dalam gua. Memang la. Lols)

So, I thought he was like that until one day, he texted me.

He asked me how am I, how I cope with, and say he will pray for me.

I asked him why he do that, ada orang bagi ceramah ke. Lols. But he said no, he really want to call/text me, but he is just waiting for a right time. He told my friend, he knows how hard I study, how hard I was, based from the 3 weeks rotation, and he was afraid I'm not okay, and couldn't take the news. That's why he wants to wait (until after 3 weeks to text me)

And I'm touched.
I'm wrong. 

This is just one of many other stories, with different people, especially those are dear to me. Family and best friends. Mum told me, "We are caring a lot, in our own ways" 

Indeed, mum, indeed.

Hence, for this Ramadhan resolution: Purify the heart, more husnuzon, ask guidance from Allah. (minta sungguh-sungguh)
Salam Ramadhan, everyone! May Allah accepts our deeds this year and may this year much much much more better than last year. Amin!

29 Syaaban 1437H