Monday, November 23, 2015


"If you want peace of mind in both worlds; pray, forgive others, omit sins, purify the heart from diseases, help others & spread goodness!" Mufti Ismail Menk

Last rotation as a student. 
A 'premature intern'  next year insyAllah. 
Let's strive for the best! Yosh!

24 days before exam. Time to get more serious and focus.  (no more play-play huh)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim for the next rotation.  May Allah ease! Amin!

P/s this time next year, hoping for the same smile with full of happiness. (refer to the pic.  Huhu) Amin!

11 Safar 1437H

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Cloudy.  Cloud nine. Awan.  High.  Love.  Happy. Happiness. Blind love.

But it also can be...

Cloudy. Suram.  Sad.  Death.  Rain.  Cry. 

Of how clouds can change color,  so does emotions.  It is only a word but it can be used in a sentence in a various way.  (then,  the meaning changes).  I know there are other words too.  But this particular word is very close to me.  Cloud. I love looking at the sky on a clear lovely day, smiling, feeling the breeze, Looking at the clouds moving so fast (typical Eire) and in a split second,  it is getting darker,  and rain flow down like the tears of mine.  (if you are studying psychiatric,  you might think I have bipolar.  Mood swing.  Lols)

On 20th November,  (27 days to exam),  I am a happy kid.  High. Too many good news and blessings from Allah.  Alhamdulillah.  It is just  a beautiful day. Everyone is happy. Indeed a memorable day for all of us. Booster to study.  Gituuuu.  Claudy bak hang. 

On 21st of November, 1230pm local time (8.30pm home time) I have received a single line of whatsapp message that struck my heart.
"innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. Pukul 8.05pm tadi,  Liyana kembali ke rahmatullah"

Liyana is my first cousin.  She is 2 years older than me. Went to study medicine in Dublin and twinning in PMC. She is already working as a doctor (houseman) back home.  But things happened.  Last year,  she was diagnosed with Leukemia. 
As a medical student,  herself is a fighter. She has face lots of difficulties back then.  And now Allah tests her again.  After almost a year fighting cancer (it is not easy.  The environment itself is tough and rough),  Allah loves you more. 

I saw you last summer,  at Tok Che's house.  You seems happy and healthy.
I haven't got a chance to tell you.
You are a fighter. Keep it up. 

I guess it is too late now to say that to you.  But I know Allah is all knowing.  He knows what you have go through and may you unite with soleheen. 

Al fatihah. 

That's another cloudy.  Irony. 

A reminder.  In this world, Allah creates both.  Happiness and sadness.  But both occasions lead to Allah.  Lead to Him.
Be assured,  this worldly life will end and a real life will begin.  Live in dunya like a traveler.

Dear myself, focus on your study.  This is part of jihad. If you died now,  you will consider shahid.  Stay steadfast.  Allah is all knowing.  Death can happen anythime. 

Jodoh dengan tuhan itu pasti. 
Jodoh dengan manusia,  tuhan sahaja yang tahu.

May Allah bless.

9 safar 1437H

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Monster Named Fear

By Gavin Aung Than

We a grow up with dreams of what we can be
In the playground showing off our talents for all to see
Anything is possible when you are laughing in school.
For instance,  a ballet dancing prodigy sounds pretty cool.
How about a rockstar singing in a band?
Or maybe a tennis pro with a killer backhand.
There's this one girl who makes you laugh till you cramp.
And another who just wants to be world wrestling champ!

........... Cont. (Nak salin the whole poem,  because it is just beautiful.  But but but,  too lazy to do it :P)

"Thanks to persistence and focus and much follow through,  the monster has shrunk to the size of a shoe! "

You just need to buy this book.  Highly recommended. 

Love every stories and quotations in this book!
Well,  of course, Quran will be always number one.  Duhhh.

Hurm,  I love poem.  And especially with full of motivation.  Ouh and comic!

Just another side of me. 

Give me a book and I will keep quiet for hours.  (given that it is not a medical book! :P)

26 Muharram 1437H

Thursday, November 5, 2015

2 in 1

When you get an email saying your conferring day will be on your birthday,  and you are not yet prepared for your exams, you will be liked OMG! Angkat tangan,  tadah doa,  with your heart beats like crazy, and thinking very hard what will happen,  with a bit of ifs here and there.  And of course,  you start to study.  Usaha,  dik. 

Told everyone about the date,  and they are like,  "cool! Rejoice two in one! Amin insyAllah you can do it! "

I guess I need to be more positive. Sobsss.  Orang lain lagi positif dari diri sendiri. 

Short reminder from Mum on DUIT.


On note,  that 'I' could not be Ikhtiar,  but instead Istiqamah.  You need to be consistent.  In which I am already overwhelmed with lectures, and hospitals.  Sedikit tapi berterusan.  Noted,  mum. 

P/s someone plays piano in CSI.  Just telling. 

22 Muharram 1437H