Sunday, July 20, 2014

He is the best planner

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I was planning last night that today I will do stuffs early in the morning and bla bla bla. but it didn't work.
I slept at 5 am and woke up late, just about time to go to the hospital to met the reg. *we need to discuss something*

I have decided to wear t-shirt and khaki and sports shoes. Oh well, it is weekend anyway, why bother. I make a quick choice and I choose my Gaza t-shirt. huhu. feeling like pejuang skit. hehe. *you will know later on why I am mentioning ootd here which is sooo unusual*

Off I went to the hospital. and it turned out, he has three operations! oh well, ortho surgeons are always busy during summer.  We make a promise to meet at noon. but end up we meet at half 2pm -_-' a very long wait. I have lots of things I need to do, shopping for my brother's engagement, bank, packing, kemas kemas yadaa yadaa. So, it is kinda a lil bit stressful and I am aiming to go back to Galway today at 5 pm, the last bus. But looking at the condition, hurm, I don't think I can make it.

I cooked a lot last night and thought to distribute some to the reg and neighbor. We finished around 3pm plus plus. I am soooooo happpy!!! It is done!!!! Alhamdulillah!! *except just a lil bit more, but I am done the major work* and I have say a proper farewell to him, the reg! I thought I don't have time to do it since he is always busy. but Alhamdulillah I have say it. *yesterday was with the other buddy* It feels soo good when you manage to express how thankful you are to have good buddy who talk a lot and layan kerenah si blur medical student ni. hehe. but overall, Alhamdulillah. I am so happy. Hoping to see them again this September insyAllah.

Thats not the main story, actually -_-'' So, after I met him, I went to the town. oh, by the way, I have just received message in the morning my mom asked me to buy shoes for hantaran my brother. Bally shoes or Clark or anything like that *remind me of Bally shoes and bunga telur story. hehe* So, I need to do a lil bit of window shopping and yadaa yadaa.

I went to this shop. Well, to find guys shoes is not that difficult especially if it is something casual, leather, black and you know the size. But the difficult part is almost all shoes look the same for me. and it is difficult to choose. geee guyssss. Plus, it is for HANTARAN! bukan main-main. I hate doing shopping alone for someone else. I love shopping alone but if it is for myself. Like this case, I need second opinion. After almost half an hour there, I go out without buying. but I know I need to buy it today because I don't have much time.

And after hop on hop off some shops, I have suddenly saw this......

and I was WOW! in a small town like this, they make the solidarity?! amazing. I want to join but it was kinda awkward. I was alone and no one I knew was there. Erk.

So, I went to the other shop first and thought I might as well join. No regrets. I will be more regrets if I don't. I am just ignore the fact that today is Saturday and most of the shops close earlier than usual.

Allah will help me for sure. and indeed He is The Most Merciful.

I have no regrets at all and I feel more ease.

It was a wonderful experience. I have join one last year in Galway but there were lots of Malaysians and lots of my friends too.

This time. It is different.

I push the boundary. I push the limit, and get out from my comfort zone.

I talk to one lady. We share our grieves, our sympathy over the Palestinians people, we share news.
It is humanity, even we have different skin color, different race, different nationality but we are all united under one. Humanity.

And I was wearing Pray For Gaza t-shirt.

Indeed, He is The Best Planner.

even kids join the march

"Ya Allah, sesungguhnya kami letakkan Engkau di batang leher musuh-musuh kami, dan kami berlindung denganMU dari kejahatan mereka. Ya Allah, hancur leburkanlah kumpulan-kumpulan mereka! Kacau-bilaukan persatuan mereka! Cerai-beraikan pakatan mereka! Goncangkan pendirian mereka! Hantarkan ke atas mereka anjing-anjing Kamu! Wahai Tuhan Yang Gagah Perkasa, Wahai Tuhan Yang Bersifat Murka, Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Menyiksa, Ya Allah, Ya Allah, Ya Allah. Wahai Tuhan yang menurunkan Al-Quran, wahai Tuhan yang menggerakkan awanan, wahai Tuhan yang menewaskan bala tentera Ahzab, kalahkanlah mereka, menangkanlah kami ke atas mereka…"

lets pray for Gaza. shall we. and it is not seasonal. It will be continue until we win! Ameen!

p/s I told the lady named Eva at the demo today that I wasn't plan to came, and in fact I have no idea at all that they will have this today, she was sooo amazed and telling almost everyone the story. Isn't it beautiful how Allah arrange our affair?

If I woke up early and went to town in the morning, I might miss this.
If the reg finish the operation early and I went to the town earlier, I might miss this
If I have decided to cancel the meeting with the reg and don't wait for him, I might miss this.
If my mom didn't ask me to buy the shoes, and I went to town just for a short while, I might miss this.
If I have decided to go back to Galway today, I might miss this.

ياَ حَيُّ ياَ قَيُّوْمُ

Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Hidup, wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Berdiri Sendiri

بِرَحْمَتِكَ أَسْتَغِيْثُ

Dengan rahmatMU aku memohon pertolongan

أَصْلِحْ لِيْ شَأْنِيْ كُلَّهُ

Perbaikilah untukku urusanku semuanya

 وَلاَ تَكِلْنِيْ اِلىَ نَفْسِيْ طَرْفَةَ عَيْنٍ

On You Who is Everliving and Sustains and Protects everything, I seek assistance through the means of your mercy, correct for me all my affairs and do not entrust me to my Nafs (myself) for the moment of a blink of an eye

Apt 15
22 Ramadhan 1435H

Saturday, July 19, 2014

what have you done?

9 more days to go.
I have one important thing to achieve this year Ramadhan. Allahu. and the clock is ticking.
Ya Allah Al Qawiyy, please give me strengh. Al Wadud, please allow me to love You more than anything else.  Al Ghafur, please forgive my sins :'(

Apt 15
22 Ramadhan 1435H

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt and hi!

Another kisah tulang but not just klinik hehe.

Kisah 1

The very first week I met the consultant.

Consultant: Ok, everyone, this is Dr **, she is very important to me. So, please be nice to her.
Me: *sengih as usual. speechless kott*
Consultant: So, Dr **, if anyone do not treat you well, tell me. OK? as a return, please be part of the team.

Gituw huh protection dia.

Kisah 2

During shoulder repair when there is a very tight space, oh well, when doing the operation on the shoulder, you have to think on the anaes zone as well, so, it is not that spacious to fit 4 SURGEONS at one time. Different than knee or elbow operation.

but one day, there were already 2 surgeons assist him, the consultant, but suddenly he turned to me,

Consultant: Dr **, scrub in please
Me: *yang menurut perintah*
Nurse: Mr O'G, I don't think it will work out.There is not enough space there
Consultant: *sambil tarik tangan* It is ok sister. Dr ** stay beside me.

When everyone object, he is the one who protect.

Kisah 3

di klinik

A mother who is an ophthalmologist came to bring her children due to hand fracture.

Doc: Hello, I am K, and this is Dr **, a medical student who will be with us today
The mother: a student? not yet a doctor right?
Me: *abuden. nama pun student, memang la belum doctor lagi*
Doc: She will become a doctor.  *with a serious tone*

After the clinic, the doc turn to me

Doc: *make face a.k.a buat muka* whats wrong with the mother? asking you are not a doctor. what daa?! *emo*

*dalam hati* Doc, I am not feeling offended at all. Should I? but I feel protected :)

Kisah 4

The consultant will be doing operation on another theater which was on knee athroscopy and which I have assist him for number of times and I am enjoy it. Another theater which is the usual ortho theater will be having total knee replacement with another surgeon (senior reg) and which I have never got the chance to scrub in since it is a big operation and need to wear  kinda astronaut gown.

But that day.

Consultant: You can scrub in for knee replacement if you want
Me: Can I? *unbelievable face*
Consultant: Yes, you can.
Me: *speechless, doubtful*

Why I am in doubt?

1) It is a big operation
2) I need to wear the astronaut gown, not the usual one
3) The CONSULTANT will NOT BE THERE! as well as my best buddy.

I asked around, I asked the reg, my best buddy, "should I scrub in?"

He replied, "Look, if the BOSS said like that, you better scrub in. Do what the boss told you to do"

and then I asked my second buddy, another reg which will be scrub in for knee replacement as well.

He said, "go on. no problem" *with muka tak de perasaan as usual. hehe. Kadang-kadang suka jugak 'cling' dengan dia. sebab jenis lantak le, kalau tanya soalan, dia jawab. More phlegmatic person"

I was still in doubt. so, I asked another doc, SHO who will also scrub in. *another cool doc*

He said, "go and scrub then!" I look at him, and he said again " GO!"

and then I asked the senior reg who will lead the operation. *the muslim doc who is the one who ask Mr O'G to fast. refer my post on Ramadhan and Non-Muslims"

He said, "If Mr O'G said like that, go and scrub"

and there I was,  scrub in and then the nurses was "medical students shouldn't scrub in" *dalam hati, nurse ni tak tahu berapa banyak dah aku scrub in. sila tengok buku operation ye. hehe" *siap pi tanya the senior reg if it is ok. but he said, "Mr O'G ask her to scrub"

Hambikkkk ko, senyap terus. Terpaksa la tolong aku pakaikan gown tuh. *the gown is so special, it needs another person to help you*

Seriously, it is kinda an aura if anyone mention his name, the consultant's name. I can see the changes in the faces for almost everyone. Mr O'G is a very nice man but he is also a very strict, with don't play-play with me face. He can call anyone love, darling, but he has his own stand, principle.

To tell the truth, with the team, I feel so protected. I am not the kind who push people, I rarely push people or demand for anything especially in this case. I know I am just a medical student. I don't have any right or authority. I have lots to learn and lots of things that I don't know. I know where I should be and I know my limit which sometimes cost me fear. But when I am with this team, this consultant, I feel more free to learn new things, to take risk, to challenge myself. It took me some time to realize this. But honestly I start to fell in love with this profession. :)

It is so wrong when we feel safe in a hand of people but we don't feel safe in the 'hand' of Allah in which Allah is always there for us.

I feel fear when I was alone, thinking no one to protect me if I do mistakes.
I feel fear to try something new which I don't know what will be the future.

Lets change the mindset!

Just turn back to Allah and you will find your heart at ease.

Law hawla wala quwataillah billah. there is no power nor might except with/by Allah

وَلَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنْسَانَ وَنَعْلَمُ مَا تُوَسْوِسُ بِهِ نَفْسُهُ ۖ وَنَحْنُ أَقْرَبُ إِلَيْهِ مِنْ حَبْلِ الْوَرِيدِ

We created man, We know the prompting of his soul, and We are closer to him than his jugular vein. 50;16

astronaut gown -_-' *the new gown, better than the old one, lagi nampak macam astronaut habaq maii*

ada orang buat-buat busy :P

Thanks to my best buddy for the pic :) Alhamdulillah. Those pics are the end of my scrub in drama. It was my last day of scrub in since the consultant off for holiday, doc lain tak berani nak ambik risk budak medic sorang ni. hehe. I did scrub in for TKR, and ACL repair on my last day. Feel blessed. Alhamdulillah .

P/s Alhamdulillah self achievement, new experience. Now, learn to focus :)

Apt 15
14 Ramadhan 1435H

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lessons for the day!

Assalamualaikum and hi!

These are  some compilation of lessons between me and the reg. Just a reminder for my future career. :D

Alkisah klinik tulang 6.0

Lesson 1

Patient present to the clinic with c-spine collar around his neck. We open the x-ray on the comp and it shows only x-ray of the lumbar spine. Ouh ok.

Doc: so, what brings you here?
Patient: My neck hurts
Doc: erk, it is not your back?
Patient: no
Doc: do you have x-ray today?
Patient: yes, they did on my back

Us: erk -_-''

Doc: so, dr ** if a patient present with c-spine collar where will you x-ray the patient?
Me: spine?
Doc: which part of spine?
Me: *haish, biar betul doc ni tanya aku soalan ni* cervical?
Doc: EXACTLY! but this patient has x-ray on his LUMBAR!


Always double check.

Lesson 2

A patient present with cast at hand. and the x-ray shows he has a fracture at radial head.

Doc: Dr **, can you see the fracture?
Me: yes, at the radial head
Doc: did you see the cast?
Me: *confuse face*
Doc: It is below the elbow! So, what do you think the function of the cast?


Again, double check.

Lesson 3

A post-opt TKR patient present with painless swollen foot and a SHO inquiries for DVT and he send for blood test including d-dimer, crp, esr.

Doc: do you think it is DVT?
SHO: hurm. maybe.
Doc: did the patient complain of pain or anything?
SHO: no
Doc: -_-' did you know CRP, ESR, will be high in post-opt patient?
Doc: why did you send the blood then? Swollen ankle is normal in a post-opt patient given that he didn't complain of any pain or anything. He didn't complain so, why did you send the blood? You will put everyone in trouble.

Basic knowledge. Get it right.

Mula-mula nak tulis tajuk Joke for the day. tapi fikir-fikir balik, it is a lesson to be learned, not to be laughed at. Because people do mistakes. So, learn the lesson, dear and do not repeat it in the future.

Overall, just double check what we do. Sometimes we are in a rush and we want to get everything done fast without thinking of the quality, outcome which may cost us time, money etc. It is not wrong to become a risk taker or try something new or do mistakes. But just be careful. Benefit vs Harm.

Just be careful in anything you do. like taqwa.

Saidina Umar r.a. pernah bertanya kepada seorang sahabat yang lain bernama Ubai bin Ka’ab r.a. makna taqwa. Lalu Ubai bertanya kepada Umar : “Adakah engkau pernah melalui satu jalan yang berduri? Jawab Umar: “Ya”. Tanya Ubai lagi: “Apakah yang kamu lakukan untuk melalui jalan tersebut?”.
Jawab Umar : “Aku melangkah dengan waspada dan berhati-hati”. Balas Ubai : “Itulah yang dikatakan taqwa”.

p/s scrub in for TKR today! awesome experience, wear so-called-astronaut scrub. hehe. ouh and I did assist ACL repair for third time. Alhamdulillah! Thank you Allah for giving me courage and strength. susah wooo orang yang prefer duk tepi obeserve je involve dengan benda-benda camni. haha. but then again Alhamdulillah Allah gives me chance. Alright. now, get back to your main aim ok!

next week, new team.May Allah ease. Ameen! I will be missing you, Mr K, Mr A, Mr W, Dr A, Dr K, Dr V, Dr W. *all are from Mars ok* fuuhhhh.

Apt 15
12 Ramadhan 1434H

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

a notebook

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Another ortho clinic. hehe. oh well, I just love it. I am getting into ortho day by day. Huhu.

Alkisah Klinik Tulang 5.0


I was caught red handed.

Tengah-tengah kesibukan klinik, aku menyibukkan diri dengan benda lain. Oh well, not many interesting cases pun. huhu. So, what did I do? Tengah-tengah patient di-consult doc, I was writing on what to do list after this clinic finish. hehe. Ingatkan doc tuh tak kesah. My best buddies for the past 3 weeks kot. Ehehs.

But suddenly,
"what do you write?" *dengan muka serius*
"nothing" *sengih-sengih*
"show me"
*erk. as reluctant as it is, bagi je la. takkan nak gaduh kott*

and he read it and said "pray is good, why not write it in your handphone?"

fuuuhhhh. nasib tak kena marah sebab tulis non-medical stuffs time clinic.

Nak jawab tak sempat. There was a patient waiting. Well doc, handphone has sooo much distraction and I am prefer the conventional way. ehehs.

Itu kisah semalam. Ini kisah harini.

Baru je habis klinik, and I haven't write what to do list yet. so, I did AFTER the clinic sementara doc-doc tengah duk sembang apa ntah. in their urdhu language. I don't care as long as I got my homework finish. Huhu.

Ingatkan depa tak kisah. Sekali, the SAME DOC pi cite dekat kawan-kawan a.k.a other doc about yesterday. Geeee. and ask "can I see your schedule today? I am just checking on you ok"

Adei. Kena lagi sekali. Nasib tak tulis ngarut-ngarut.

But this time, extra. He pass around my notebook -_-'  and interrogate me, how many pages have I read today? yadaaa yadaaa

Ketaq lutut habaq maii.

He is a nice doc, believe me. We have this kind of chemistry. I did assist him in couple of operations, helped him in clinic, we make jokes, we laughed a lot, we make faces when patients make him difficult, and etc2.

But I am not used to people asking about my personal affair. what more 'interrogate'.

Then again,

ini baru manusia yang tanya. and itu baru buku nota yang sendiri tulis. belum lagi buku nota yang ditulis oleh both guardians right and left.

ini baru di-reveal to 3 muslim doctors, belum lagi buku catatan amalan ditayang di akhirat kelak.

ini baru amalan yang positif which not yet done, belum lagi amalan buruk yang sudah buat.

ini baru buku amalan sehari, belum lagi buku amalan bertahun-tahun sejak lahir.

Get used to it, dear. Everything you do in life, there are Allah and at least 2 angels watching. be Allah conscious a.k.a. ihsan.

“Apakah itu Ihsan? Baginda menjawab : Sesungguhnya kamu beribadat kepada Allah seolah-olah kamu melihatnya, walaupun kamu tidak melihatnya, akan tetapi Allah melihat kamu” [Hadith Riwayat Bukhari #50, Muslim #9]

Not a word does he or she utter, but there is a watcher by him ready to record it 50;18

the kantoi notebook -_-' excuse the bad handwriting. tulis dalam klinik never get cantik one.
Apt 15
10 Ramadhan 1435H

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ramadhan and non-muslims

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Macam best pulak cerita ortho diary dekat sini. ehehs. so, here it goes!

Alkisah di Klinik Tulang 4.0

Kisah 1

3rd day of Ramadhan. Clinic day! morning and evening. It was during a lunch break. And it was happened to be I was waiting for other doc to wrap up the morning session. There were a nurse, a muslim doc and I.

Nurse: Are you guys going for lunch?
Me: Nope. this is fasting month
Nurse: ouh is it already fasting month?, so at what time you can eat? *typical question. hehe*
Doc: around 10 pm
Nurse: and at what time you start fasting?
Doc: 3am
Nurse: oh, no! how you can survive that, and look at you *pointing at me* already skinny. and you too doctor, *calling other nurse* we need to ask Catholic to fast too!
Me: I though you have fasting in your religion. pancake or good friday something like that?
Nurse: I am not that religious. *lols*

Puasa baik untuk kesihatan. *proven* link: Health and Fasting 

Kisah 2

Again during lunch break but different nurse, different doc this time. (1 muslim doc, 2 non-muslim doc which one of them I was mistakenly thought he was a muslim. lols. kelakar je bila tengok dia minum coffee dekat klinik. almost nak tegor. conclusion: not all indian doctors are muslims, dear. hehe)

Nurse: Enjoy your lunch!
Doc: We are fasting.
Nurse: ouh, I am sorry! at what time you start your fasting and what time you can eat? *see, told you, typical question. hehe*
Doc: start at 3am and we can eat at around 10pm
Nurse: oh my god! how do you do that? you are sooo strong and look *pointing at me* you are even smiling!
Me: *memang kerja aku senyum je la. budak-budak katakan. lols*
Doc: she is very strong. always full of energy. *double grin. well, doc. senyum tuh  kan sedekah* Look, it is not that difficult to fast here. It is colder here than back home. We feel less thirsty.

Agree. Just keep yourself busy so, you will not have time to layan your tummy even you are fasting for 19 hours.

Kisah 3

Operation day! After done with the operations, I met my consultant surgeon to discuss things at a CORRIDOR and then came his doc, another Muslim doc interrupt the discussion and suddenly we talked about fasting.

Consultant: so, at what time you can eat?
Doc: around 10pm
Consultant: thats late. Thats the thing I can't accept. Because you are going to sleep after that.
Doc: No, we perform prayers first and then we sleep
Consultant: How long you pray?
Doc: around half an hour to one hour
Consultant: Thats quite long. so, Where do you break your fast?
Doc: at home, but sometimes we do it together at the mosque
Consultant: Is it big?
Doc: just a small house
Consultant: well, I can give you a key to my sports clinic. We have kitchen there and it is spacious you know.
Me; *woooow! baiknya consultant aku ni*
Doc: its ok. sometimes we use football club as well. You know fasting is good for your health. You should try.
Consultant: Yes, I know fasting is good. I used to fast, 2 days every week. but I miss my coffee a lott. *big smile. hehe* anyway, I heard some people during Ramadhan gain weight. *double jerk face*
Doc and I: hahaha *golek-golek*
Doc; Well, thats because they eat too much during break fast.

Link to Benefits of Ramadhan

to tell the truth, it was a very long conversation about fasting. I just wrote the interesting part. Overall, I was soo amazed with the Muslim doc. He can say about fasting soooo smoothly and manage to lead the conversation without worry, in fact he offer the consultant to fast too. a.k.a doing da'wah. Is not that cool?

Overall, it is indeed very challenging to fast in a Non-Muslims Majority country where people are eating everywhere. It  is a huge temptation. Plus, it is summer and we fast for almost 19 hours everyday. Fasting is not just about food, it is more than that, it is about trying to become a better person, a turning point in life, it is about preparation for another 11 months, it is about share the hunger of the poor, it is about His Mercy, His Love.


O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous - 2;183

to become a righteous. Ameen!

side note: interesting about this ayah - Allah said "La'alakum" it means MAY. He didn't state DEFINITELY you will become a righteous, not everyone will 'graduate' from this 'school of Ramadhan" as a righteous. So, lets work hard to become one! Ref: Ustaz Hasrizal saifulislam

May this month be a good occasion that brings us all close to the God Almighty. may Allah guide us to what pleases Him and benefits us.  May Allah guide the Muslims and bring us together and protect us from temptation and division. May He protect the Muslim ummah (nation) from the fitnah. May He keep us on the straight path. Ameen!
Hope not too late, Ramadhan Mubarak peeps! from WR team. *ecece*

 Apt 15
10 Ramadhan 1435H

Saturday, July 5, 2014

of ibu bapa, mami papa

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Trying hard to wrote in malay after almost 4 weeks stuck with international people and rarely got a chance to speak malay except when calling home or bebel sorang-sorang. hehe. lets do this!

Diary otho lagi. hehe. Harap bermanfaat :)

Alkisah di Klinik Tulang 1.0.

Kisah 1

Seorang anak perempuan menolak wheelchair ibunya yang berumur 91 tahun ke klinik untuk pemeriksaan. Presenting with recurrent fall. And history of osteoporosis, dementia, arthritis and partially deafness.

Lama aku perhatikan gerak geri anaknya. Dengan sabar ulang satu persatu apa doc kata dekat ibunya.

Lama setelah pemeriksaan ibunya, anaknya beritahu, "5 years ago i have knee joint problem too, and back pain"

Doc tanya, did u know you have a high risk of getting the same problem like your mum?

Lalu dia menjawab, yes i do. I am fully aware of that. But Mum always come first. I will check it later. Don't worry, doc.

*mata berkaca*

Serious rasa macam nak nangis dekat situ. Kerana kata-katanya ikhlas dari hati. Apabila seorang itu bercakap dari hati, yang mendengar jua akan terasa di hati. Dan Allah itu jua yang memegang hati manusia.

Satu muhasabah buat diri.
Sedangkan Rasulullah ulang tiga kali 'your mother'. Sayangilah ibu bapa anda. * a self reminder*

Kisah 2

Seorang lelaki dalam lingkungan 30-an datang berkerusi roda dan ditolak oleh sahabatnya ke bilik rawatan.
Present with fracture leg due to car crash for 2 days.

Maka, bermulahlah sesi soal jawab. huhu.

"Macam mana boleh kemalangan?"
"Ada seorang wanita melintas jalan, saya masa tuh terlaju dan untuk elak saya terlanggar 'divider' dan kaki saya tersangkut di pedal. Saya ada dua orang anak dibelakang. Saya pusing dan tengok muka anak saya penuh darah. Darah dari bibirnya, mungkin dia tergigit bibir. Saya panic dan tanpa menghiraukan kaki, saya cuba dapatkan anak-anak saya"
"Sekarang kaki rasa sakit? *do you have pain at the moment*?"
"ya, ada"
"cukup untuk membangunkan kamu pada waktu malam?"
"hurm, saya tak tidur untuk 2 hari dah. masih terbayang-bayang kemalangan itu. Saya tak kisah kaki saya, saya risaukan anak-anak saya"

dalam hatiku menangis, T_T demi anak, kesihatan sendiri dihiraukan. demi anak. ye demi anak.. kasih seorang ayah. 

and yesterday I forgot to call home. :'(

Firman Allah (a.w): ' ... Janganlah kamu sembah kecuali Allah (a.w) dan kepada kedua ibu bapa kamu hendaklah kamu berbuat baik (kepada mereka) ...' [Ayat 83, Surah al-Baqarah]
Firman Allah (a.w): ‘Dan Tuhanmu telah perintahkan, supaya engkau tidak menyembah (sebagai Tuhanmu) melainkan kepadaNya semata-mata dan hendaklah engkau berbuat baik kepada ibu bapa. Jika salah seorang dari keduanya atau kedua-duanya sekali, sampai kepada umur tua dalam jagaan dan peliharaanmu; maka janganlah engkau berkata kepada mereka (sebarang perkataan kasar atau kesat dan meninggikan suara) sekalipun perkataan "Ah" dan janganlah engkau menengking menyergah mereka, tetapi berkata-katalah kepada mereka dengan perkataan yang mulia (i.e. suara yang lembut serta bersopan santun dan kata-kata yg baik-baik).] [Ayat 23, Surah al-Isyrak]

Apt 15
8 Ramadhan 1435H

kids, kiddo, kudos

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I thinking of writing on my experience in ortho dept.  Just a lil bit here and there. Hidup ni kan satu ibrah. Ehehs.

Alkisah kilink tulang 3.0. ehehs.

Kisah 1

I saw this 10 y/o young man (M) in the clinic last week but being me, the blur one, memang tak ingat laa except certain cases. huhu. so, today, this young man datang lagi for follow up, hoping to take out the cast at his left ankle.

the introduction at the consultation's door.
"do you remember me?" *with a big smile on his face*

during the consultation, while the doc checking his xray, pandang-pandang with finger cross dengan harapan cast out today. ehehs. senyum je la.

after the consultation
M: can you please sign your name on the cast?
Doc: do you have a girlfriend?
M: no *with a sheepish smile on the face*
The mum: he even ask the girl at the xray to sign.

so, we did sign. layan je la.

Kisah 2

Minggu lepas, another young man age 7 came with fracture finger, termasuk dalam tractor katanya. Well, this time I remembered him. Why so significant? He injured himself for 10 days but the bone was not healing. So, the doc discussed with another reg at another room, leaving me with him and his dad for sooo long. Maka, bermulalah history taking and the kid was being soooo curious with everything i.e door, computer, couch. *tak leh duduk diam* kagum sebenarnya.

Just before we called him in, I saw he was playing Ipad. But in the consultation room, dengan tak buat apa-apa, and stuck with this medical student yang turut sama blur and banyak tanya soalan. Ehehs. He didn't even ask for Ipad from his dad and he choose to explore the world. How amaze is that in this century. Now you know why I remember this kiddo. hehe.

This week story, they come again to the clinic, for follow up, post-opt k-wire.

While calling other patient's name, I saw him standing at the door of the waiting room. and he wave his hand at me! Geee. How am I not excited. hehe.

Just do good to this kids because thats what the Prophet teach us to do.

Anas ibn Maalik relates that an elderly man approached, wanting an audience with the Prophet Mohammed -peace be upon him-, but the people were slow to make room for him, so the Prophet said:
"He is not one of us he who does not show mercy to our little ones (children) and does not respect the rights of our elders"
Prophet Mohammed -peace be upon him-, has said, "I have been sent to perfect your conduct"
and "A fathers' teaching his child good manners is better than giving a bushel of grain in charity" 

so, do good and teach your family members to do good too.

*tolongla tengok video ni. serious best, tak tipu* hehe

Apt 15
6 Ramadhan 1435H