Tuesday, September 1, 2015

No man is an Island

No man is an Island,
Intire of it selfe,
Every man is a peece of the Continent,
A part of the maine;
If a Clod bee washed away by the Sea,
Europe is the lesse,
As well as if a promontorie were,
As well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of thine owne were.
Any man's death diminishes me,  because I am involved in makinde;
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls:
It tolls for thee.

John Donne

OHCM 9th Edition. 

P/s first day of school as a final year.  Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.  May Allah bless this journey.  A mixed feelings.  Excited and scared!

Dear myself,
Let's change for the better. This time next year.  Exactly 1 year to go. 
No more distraction.
Be more focus.
Plan well!
Manage your time properly.  :)

17 Zulkaedah 1436H

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I will regret this for the rest of my life. 

I hate it. 

Dear myself,
Learn to say No.
Learn to check  first!
Learn to think before act.


*crying inside out* arghhhhh

I am sorry. 

No 7
11 Zulkaedah 1436H

  Update: alhamdulillah got courage.  Went back to the shop on the next day to ask for refund.  Got almost full refund.  Except one product is non refundable.  What to do.  At least I have received 80% back my money! Told the salesgirl my principle about boycott.  Alhamdulillah she understand.  (well,  not really.  But ok la) i am proud of myself.  :) 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Early morning in Scotland

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I am off to Aberdeen.  Yeay! Well,  not for holiday but to 'babysit' my dear girlfriend. Jangan marah no, dear.  Hehe. 

Here are few things to learn in this journey. 

Edinburgh - Aberdeen

Lesson 1.

Well,  the train station is 15 min walk from the place I stay.  And the train leaves at 5.30am. So,  to be safe, I went out from the house at 5 am. 

I choose to walk.  Why? It is free! *typical a broke student.  Lols* don't worry.  It is quite safe.  The bus is still operates. Many people on the road.  Going home after hangover.  Lols.

Edinburgh is a nice beautiful place. And I love it.  Full with history and heritage.  Buttttt if you want to know a real city.  Go out at around 5 ish in the morning.  And Edinburgh will reveal the other side of it.  The roads are filthy. Vomitus everywhere.  Rubbish left and right.  People drunk. (not everyone.  Some of them) The smell yucks.  Water spills out from cans,  bottles make the pavement looks wet.  It is really not a nice view to see the first thing in the morning!

You can't judge someone or some place or something from knowing only one side of it.  Well,  you shouldn't judge someone in the first place.  There are no perfection.  Look on the bright side. 

Lessons learnt. 

(btw,  thw scenery from Edinburgh to Aberdeen is majestic.  Love it!)

Lesson 2.

At the train station,  I took out my hoodies.  Well, as a precaution, I wear it from home.  Suddenly,  someone say Assalamualaikum.  Ehehs.  I turned around and see a young black man was cleaning the stairs. 

He smiled. And we did some chit chat.  He was from? Sanada.  Leaving his family and work alone in Edinburgh.  He keeps on saying MasyAllah,  SubhnAllah. Reminding me of Allah.  Allahu.  It is sooo beautiful.  May Allah bless him and grant him rezki dunya wa akhirah.  Amin!

Strangers can teach you about life! Be that kind of stranger to others. 

Lesson learnt.

Lesson 3.

At the platform,  while waiting an elderly man (P) who is a passenger talk to the? trainman (T)

P: is there any food or drink sell on the train? It is early in the morning and no shops open out there! (with a raised voice when the trainman starts to shake his head)

T: Sorry,  sir.  No,  we don't. 

P: poor service!

And T walked away and still apologising. (he looks busy)

P looks very angry.  But T handle it well.  It is not that nice to see that.  But the fact that T says sorry,  I feels that it is a right thing to do. 

Sometimes we need to lower our ego and apologise.  It doesn't mean you lose ,  but it means you are brave. In Islam,  the prophet says the most brave man is the one who can control his anger.  The trainman can just say rude words like,  "well sir if you don't like our service,  then don't use our service" .  (Familiar tak ayat ni, lols) 

In Malaysia,  with the issues related to cow's DNA and breastfeed,  politicians etc.  At one point,  I think they should just keel quiet. 

Think before you talk and control your emotion well.  You are intelligent,  so act like one.

Lesson learnt.

That's it for now.  Let's enjoy the view! May Allah bless!

8 Zulkaedah 1436H