Friday, August 15, 2014

Children's rights

Assalamualaikum and hi!

This is a summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)

  1. Survival rights - The child's right to life and to the most basic needs- food, shelter, and access to healthcare 
  2.  Protection rights - against all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination
  3.  Participation rights - to take an active role in their communities and nations. 
  4.   Developmental rights- to achieve their full potential - education, play, freedom of thoughts, conscience and religion. Those with disabilities to receive special services

So, do you think Gaza's children got all their rights??

currently both sides are on ceasefire, so do the FB people - they are on 'cease-post', hopefully not the awareness. huhu.

a friend said, jangan jadi bermusim. agree much. Lets continue pray for them, for all victims of oppressors all over the world.

kalau bunyi mercun musim raya every seconds pon annoying, just wondering  how people in Gaza feel hearing bombing, missiles, every day? - quoted

p/s now is musim kahwin sana sini, well, at my age, it is normal. I bet next year I will be receiving more invitations. hurm. *Gepal tangan, pandang ke atas*

psst selangor milik rakyat, bukan parti. Pray for the best for Selangor. Allah knows best. Just my second thoughts, berjuanglah demi agama, bukan kuasa.

19 Syawal 1435H
Alor Lintang

Monday, August 4, 2014

islam is a tough religion?

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I have just watched this short video by Mohamed Zeyara, a young man who spread truth through FB, and youtube. Well, I think we can consider him as social media celebrity. hehe.

Anyway, here is the video and it get me inspired to share my stories with you.

Story 1

It was before Ramadhan. I went to Dublin by train and there was a lovely elderly Irish couple sit in front of me and the conversation start. [M=Men, W=Women, H=Me]

W: what religion are you?
H: Islam *with a big smile*
W; ouh, I thought you are a sister
H: eh, sorry? *not sure what she means by sister*
M: She means you are a sister, a nun

this is the first time people got me wrong and i am quite surprise. Why? in a media we read everywhere, always associate islam with hijab, oppressor and rarely with other religion. hurm, or is it because of my face? did my face look like a nun? lols.

Story 2

The same couple, the same train

M: why do you have to wear that? *pointing at my hijab*
H: Hurm, my religion ask me to wear that
M: I am not against it, but I think it is a shame to cover your lovely face
H: eh, hurm, but I feel safer this way
M: ouh, why is that?
H: I don't know how to explain it, but it is a very nice feelings *tak tahu nak susun ayat dahhh. adei*

and then, it was suddenly rained. and he said "i think I might need your scarf to cover it. hehe" and we laughed in joy.

after watching this video, I think I have the answer to your question sir.

"Islam is a discipline way of life"
"You might think all the stop signs and traffic lights are pointless, but all of these things are mean to ensure the safety and securities of the people and that is part of the faith as well.
Rasulallah s.a.w. taught us to be patient, respectful and discipline"

Story 3

In bus, on the way back to Galway. I slept late the night before because I need to sort things out i.e pack, clean up the house yadaa yadaa, so I slept in the bus *it was evening that time*, until there was an old women came and sat next to me I woke up to help her to sit, and the conversation start [W= women, H=me]

W: thank you so much, love. You can go back to sleep.
H: its ok. It is just I slept late last night.
W: you have a good late night?
H: erk *ahhhh sudah, dia dah salah faham*
W: you can have late night, but not drink too much, *and she start talking about the youth nowadays drink too much, the bad thing about drinking, sex, yadaa yadaa yadaa*
H: yeah, yeah I am agree with you. *and I told her last night I slept late because I pack  my things etc2. get the things right. hehe*
W: ouh i see
H; anyway, yup drinking is not good. even our religion didn't allow us to drink
W: at all?
H: yes, not allow at all
W: maybe a little?
H: nope, not at all
W: what religion are you?
H: *abuden ke makcik ni, aku pakai punya laa tudung, lols* Islam
W: ouh, Islam is a tough religion right?
H: erk, no. it is not that tough. *speechless with the response. tak tahu nak replied ape daaa*

she is a nice lady. We talk about lot of things, about health, drinking again, again and again. and end up, I didn't sleep at all after that :)

sekarang dah tahu dah nak jawab apaa. Islam is a way of life and it is not that difficult. Those rules are made not to be broken but to protect its believers, to become a better person, and at the same time to people around them (the believers). Islam means peace.

conclusion: read a lot, watch youtube on how to answer questions, go to seminar or any dakwah technique, gain lots of knowledge, upgrade it! it is just a simple question but if you are panic or not ready, you don't know what to answer. oh well, maybe it is just me.

Living abroad taught you lots of things, and never ever take for granted those small things about your religion, as small as the general part. Not just ibadah i.e pray, hijab, fasting issues

I am a muslim and I am proud of it.

p/s please pray for Gaza. The death toll keep on increasing. The Israelis keep on bombing the very small Gaza, and even they attacked the hospitals, schools, mosques and university! how cruel they are! There were lots of women and children died. :"( Please please please pray pray and pray! Thats our weapon. 

8 Syawal 1435H
Alor Lintang

Friday, August 1, 2014

Parut lama kembali berdarah

[a rant]

Manusia itu punya hati.
Kadang-kala luka, kadang-kala berdarah, kadang-kala bernanah.

Manusia itu sensitif.
Andai ditegur, rasa tercabar.
Andai ditanya, rasa duka.

Manusia suka rasa superior.
Rasa hebat.
Tapi lupa.
Ada lagi yang lebih hebat.
Yang Maha Esa.

Jangan pernah terasa.
Walau berada di bawah.
Kerana begitulah manusia.
Hanya seorang hamba.

Manusia itu suka berdengki.
Jika bujang, dengki pada yang sudah berkahwin.
Jika masih belajar, dengki pada yang sudah bekerja.
Jika masih belajar, dengki pada yang pandai.
Ahhh manusia.
Tidak pernah puas apa yang ada.
Terasa ingin ada semuanya.
Tidak bersyukur!

Manusia itu gopoh.
Ingin semuanya dalam sekelip mata.
Seperti ahli silap mata.
Mahu semuanya ada di depan mata.
Kadang-kala lupa yang gopoh itu syaitan.

Sakit hati.
Sakit dengan diri yang penuh dosa.
Sakit dengan perasaan yang memakan diri.
Sakit dengan sifat mazmumah yang sering kali kunjung tiba.

Kembalilah kepadaNya.
Kerana semuannya datang dari Dia.
Lupakah Dia itu jua Yang Maha Kuasa
Yang Maha Penyayang
Yang Maha Pemurah
Yang Maha Mengabulkan
Yang Maha Pengampun

Wahai dosa, pergilah dikau.
Wahai hati, kembalilah
Wahai diri, mohonlah padaNya

Wahai parut lama, jangan dibiar bernanah
Jangan dibiar berdarah lagi
Basuhlah ia dengan zikrullah.

Dear future me,
Whatever happens, keep calm, take a deep breath, smile and pray, dua'. All is well insyAllah. Stay positive and Allah knows best. It is just a test for you to become a better servant. Manusia yang paling tinggi disisi Allah adalah manusia yang bertaqwa. Thats the rank that Allah has put. Not because of your academic performance or your pangkat or your harta. but TAQWA. Ingat sampai mati!

Taqwa = berhati-hati seperti berjalan dijalan yang penuh dengan duri.. Be careful.

p/s Selamat hari raya! Taqaballahu minna waminkum. May Allah accepts our deeds.