Tuesday, February 9, 2016

One after another

My friend's mother just passed away today.

She is my classmate.  Final year medical student who has just another 4 months to finish her degree. 

But Allah knows best. 

DariNya kita datang,  kepadaNya jua kita kembali. 

She is in Malaysia at the moment. Just 1 hour late before her mother took her last breath. 



I don't know if I will ever be ready to let 'go'  of my parents.

Just called home and cried badly. And Papa's response,  "What time is it now? Go and sleep la"  sobss. 

Cukup solehahkah aku untuk mu,  Papa dan Mami? :(


Bertubi-tubi peringatan kematian sejak akhir-akhir ini. 
Tidak mengenal usia.


Berhenti mengeluh,  wahai diri.

P/s dan baru sahaja mendapat berita seorang sahabat Irish baru  memeluk Islam.  She is the one who loves to sleep over at our house,  join isoc activities and today Alhamdulillah she is revert. Indeed,  Allah is the best planner. Allahuakbar

P/s this is the picture of my cousin who passed away last November.  May Allah grant both of them with Jannah.  Amin. 

28 Rabiulakhir 1437H

Monday, February 8, 2016

What would you do?

Considering you are (self)  retired debater,  and someone asked you to join the debate (public speaking).  What would you do?

Considering you are comfortable doing something and someone said you should stop doing it for a while because of a very valid reason.  What would you do?

Considering you really want to talk or text someone telling them how scared you are waiting for exam result and someone told you not to because you need to focus on your hectic class and tutorial.  What would you do?

Considering you want to tell the whole world what happens in your life which is exciting and challenging and someone told you not to.  What would you do?

Fighting your own self is hard. 
You really want to do it,  but you know you shouldn't. 
You really want to improve but it is not that easy. 

Mum told me,  it is less than 100 days.  Hang it there.  Almost there.  Give your best.  Focus.  Don't be so distracted (even though you denied it as distraction because you just enjoy it so much.  Lols)

 Almost there.
There are things that you need to push boundaries. (like public speaking stuffs)
And there things just remained as it is.

There was a leader once told me, why I choose this path? Because I want to die as a Muslim. We never know when we will die.  And I hope by choosing this,  I can die as a Muslim.

Choose your path wisely. 

Alhamdulillah.  Done the 'public speaking'  ketaq habaq hang.  -_-'
This is the last week of this rotation and next week is full of lectures.  And then I am back in HOSPITAL! Be afraid, this kiasu medical student is coming! Haha. 

I am ok. 
Yes,  I am okay.

P/s someone = conscious mind. 

Large Lecture Theatre
28 Rabiualakhielr 1437H

Wednesday, February 3, 2016



FB sends this notification.  "You have memories with bla bla on today"

So,  here is one of it (back to 3 years ago) in which I don't totally remember when I wrote that and who said it! Just some mysterious man/woman.  Lols.



Just another rant. 

2nd week of 2nd rotation.  Just finished the 8-to-5-with-30-mins-break tutorial day.  Cramp otak.  Lols.  And just finished the PSA (Prescribing Safety Assessment,  not PSA for prostate okkk).  What an experienced! Mengada nak ambik -_-'

Another big decision making needs to be made.  Cuak dia sampai tak nak buka message ituHaish. Can you give me time to think,  please? *bulat mata* - perasan orang tu baca.  Lols. 

Things are getting busier. Alhamdulillah.
Dulu waktu lapang,  merengek.  Bila waktu sibuk pun merengek.  Manusia.  Haish.  Sila besyukur.

Why am I writing this stuff? Why I share it here? I know someone knows why.  And deep inside I know the reason.  Hurm. 

Kena tajdid niat kenapa ada blog.  Just for social sharing? Nak seluruh dunia tahu?
I have remained my Instagram with only 1 photo for quite a while and rarely share on my FB.  Managed to restrict Twitter for medical stuffs (with a bit of articles.  But rarely personal) and Google Plus for general knowledge and spiritual articles and videos. 

So,  left out with this.  Tempatkulepak.  As the name it says a place to lepak and the heading of Kata-Kata Aku.  It really plays it  role.  Lols.  To think about it,  it has been almost 8 years with that name! Zaman tak matang.  But the content did change.  Evolved. The reasons for writing are keep on changing.  Mardhatillah.  Towards His blessings.

Back then, my mum and my sister are my loyal stalkers.  Lols.  Now,  they are just too busy (or people are leaving blog and change to FB)

Things change.
Towards the better. 
Tajdid niat,  yosh!


23 RabiulAkhir 1437H