Monday, September 2, 2013

Whatever. Malaih nak pikiaq.

What would society think?

As I grew older, i realize something. It does matter to a person what a society would think. Because thats had been taught *informally*  since we were small.  Disclaimer: This is a generalization of the current generation. Some might not think that way.

It is 1 syawal, eid celebration and we meet lots of people. So, at my age, there are tons of questions and i do realize people will give the best answer that will satisfy the society. Do u know what i mean? 
Example between an aunt (A) and a not so old and not so young women (W)

A: belajar kat mana?
W: University
A: oversea kaa?
W:  aah
A: wahhhh course apa?
W: medic
A: bila nak habih?
W: tak lama dah

Oh well, it is a fact that she is studying medicine abroad, not a lie. But at one point i dont think those questions appropriate in our society anymore. I know it is kind of breaking the ice, catch up things, etc2 but those questions encourage the society to think a proper education is everything! Neglecting the skills, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and tons of other abilities that makes the diversity! 

It is sort of instill in the children mind that those As are as important as everything else! And get into a university is the ultimate goal.  And when he/she didn't perform in school, the first thing that strike - KALAU orang tanya macam mana?? Heck! Don't think about what others think! Just do your best and if u didn't perform it is not the end of the world! Life is not just about books! 

Just do good in whatever you do, for ummah's benefit in the future.  Not to impress the society.  Benefit and impress are two different words/actions.

Just get your intention correct. Niat. 
Lillahita'ala. not because of the society or family or parents. But for the religion. For Him, The Almighty. 

Another fav question. Marriage.

Bila nak kawen? Bila nak buat majlis? 
I know i did ask this kind of question a lot to my friends and seniors. Kinda teasing. *shouldn't :( * *muhasabah*

Indeed marriage is a good thing. Never disagree on that. But THE act of asking that question  is not a good thing! Why? The question is kinda urge u to get married regardless who the future husband/wife is.  The main thing about the marriage is not just the kenduri thingy, it is more than that! And the question shouldn't be ask recklessly. 

I know some might think alaaa soalan nak kenen2kan ke. Ok. If thats the case, go on. Maybe u want to know whether he/she has somebody or not. Then, make sure there is an action, not just asking for the sake of teasing or break the ice. I know i did that sometimes. It is because I am so get used of accepting that kind of questions and I think it is ok. But today I think again. It might be ok for me because I know my family would not allow me to get married soon. So I have answers to all those questions. But for those who are graduating/working/ studying but parents allow to get married and doesn't have anyone to get married to, it would be something depressing when receiving those questions. And we don't want to make the situation awkward or disappoint the person who ask, so we will think the best answer without hurting the one who asked. 

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Instead of thinking the answer, lets stop doing that to others. Both two questions are my fav question too. Never disagree on that. *Sigh*. But maybe this Syawal will become my turning point. Instead of ask those questions, why not asking something better. 

"Apa khabar KL? Any good improvement in crime rates?"
" makin banyak tembak menembak, macam mana ni?"
"Majlis ilmu dekat JB amacam?"
"How's the culture oversea? How they accept u guys yang pakai tudung?"
"Dah baca buku ni? baguih ni"

Soalan ummah. 

Bila makin tua.
With great power comes great responsibility

Abu Hurairah relates that Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said;" Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent. And whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should show hospitality to his neighbor. And whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should show hospitality to his guest" [Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

p/s it is a generalization. Some people just ignore the questions and malaih nak pikiaq, but some yes. Like me, a perfect melancholic personality. I tend to think more. Even on a small thing. hoho. Perfectionist katakan. Lols. 

1 Syawal 1434H
Open house rumah kak Yong. 

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