Saturday, December 3, 2016


Salam and hi!

Trying hard to write few posts but I deleted them. Why? I don't know. There are things that you should just keep inside your mind. There are things that you shouldn't share with the world. There are things that just remained as it is. Terkubur di telan zaman.

Am I getting wiser? Maybe.

Anyway, so hello December! 2016 almost come to an end. So, here I am at home, being a 'housewife', enjoy my holiday to the fullest, working part-time from home. So, I stopped working with my Dad at his clinic, and do what I do best - working at home.

For the last few weeks, trying to figure out what I can do and analyze my strength and weakness. SWOT analysis. Application of knowledge. Lols.

Currently working hard for my design studio. If you are still remember White Rose Design Studio (since 2013, well, I did post about it longggg time ago) Alhamdulillah, it is growing. And already signed an 'agreement' for joint venture with other studio. End of January for an official one. So far, prepare for the big day. Exciting. Which studio? jeng jeng, wait and see.

Few other big projects coming, publishing paper for my long overdue research -_-', author for a medical website, accepting few orders for designing banners, house chores since I am staying at home for free, soooo I need to do some household job la kan? lols. (jadi housewife pun penat. huhu)

That's pretty much my not-so-busy life. Including reading my overdue list of books. on personal development and some medical books to refresh my knowledge.

So, other personal related issues? Well, who says if your life stagnant means you don't have any challenge. Hidup senang pun ada ujian okayyyy. But let it be between me and God, Allah. Dah tuh awat mention? You just create curiosity from readers, okay, author. Haha. Lols,

Just listening to a talk in IKIM radio saying about hasad, (jealousy) and 'ain disease (penyakin ain). He says that all human being are created with hasad. but how they manage with hasad that makes each one is different. He also mention that you can share your nikmah i.e telling the world about what you have, what you get, but ready to take the risk of hasad. There are few ayah in the Quran about hasad but I don't know from which surah. Need to do more digging but this is not the first time I heard about this. Hence, be careful what you share and to whom you share.

So, author, are you now being skeptical towards readers? Lols, To be honest, I don't know how many people still reading blog, I know my fellow classmates and PPG Farah, Mirah, Mau and Bella. and only a very small number of unknown IP address. So, the answer to the question is NO, I'm not being skeptical but I'm being careful. Taqwa. Because whatever I wrote here will be asked during the judgement day. I can still write about my opinion, yada yadaa as long as not against Islam.

To be fair, it is not that easy not to share the joy, the news, etc, and in fact it is not wrong in Islam. We are advisable to share our nikmah! About the risk? We can't control other people's emotion or wish or prayers or etc That's why it is important to know who is your friend. and it is important to always pray pray pray to the owner of the heart, Him, The Almighty, Ya Muqalibal Qulb. Ask from Him the protection, only He can protect us. Even if you don't tell other people about your life, your nikmah etc, there must be someone who knows, you can't hide it for too long. We are not living in a cave, no internet yadaa yadaaa. People might take our photos and tag us on Facebook or rumors. So, the only way to do is pray to Him, to protect us from penyakit 'ain, hasad.

You can search more on Youtube, Just google Penyakit 'Ain.

Just a snippet. Find more on Youtbe.

May Allah protect us from this, hasad, and His anger. Amin.

p/s my classmates gossip about me in our whatsapp group and I don't know how to respond. Lols. You guys are just soooo straight forward. I loike. But I'm sorry I don't know what to do. Lols. Doa yang baik-baik ajaaaa.

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