Friday, February 11, 2011


salam, all.

just learn something new and i'm applying it to my life now.

as a doctor, you should know 4 stages of grief or in other words what will happen to the patients or patients' family members after receiving bad news such as death, no cure, etc.

these are the stages. or it called as DADA

D- Denial
A- Aggression
D- Depression
A- Acceptance

well, this is not my theory. this is what i learn in lectures.,
anyway, in certain hospitals, they have 5 stages- include bargaining. but i don't know much about that.

so lets focus with what we have.

first stage- denial.
when a person heard about the bad news or loss- the person keen to deny what he or she hears/see/etc2
- i bet i'm in that stage now. gee. i start to deny the fact that i'm doing this. hello, i'm writing. argh, forget it, just some monologues.

2nd stage- aggression
aggression means
hostile, injurious, or destructive behavior or outlook especially when caused by frustration
hahah.i'm just laughing. (am i having aggression now?? why am i laughing?? nah, i don't know. maybe yes, maybe no. merepek)
but it is sooo true. some people tend to hurt him/herself. and start to behave weird.

3rd stage-depression
yeah, at this stage, people will be in depress. and start to know that nothing can be done. n he or she will be in stress- doc plays an important role here. there is a high tendency for the patient to commit suicide.

last stage- acceptance
this only applicable to the person who is still alive. hehe. well, after he/she had been through all the hardship, then at last, he/she starts to accept the fact that he/she will die or their family members are going to die or etc2.

so end of the story.
again, this is not my theory. you can goggle it if you don't believe it.
this is how normal human being will handle with loss or negative things.

anyway, this is my main concern.

This is how all Muslims should respond to any lost: rapid progression from denial to acceptance of khada' Allah

yup, that is what i should do.
since i'm in denial stage, i should move fast..

p,s. well, sorry...currently i'm not in the right state of mind, and this is one of the ways to get back my senses....thank god, i'm still alive. n yes, i love myself. (so, what?? nah. i dont know, it is just something inside my mind)

ps.s did u know i have exam which cost 40% of my summer exam next week??
in case if you don't know, let me tell you:
interesting fact: i have exam next week. .

thanks for reading. - kalau ade yang membaca.^_^


farah shazana said...

vanquish the DOWNCAST feeling
vanquish the NEGATIVE thinking

i am always here for you.

and remember that ALLAH never leaves you.

p/s:saya sayang awak.

humaira said...

thanks dear.

i will try my best.

*still in recovery phase-i should start new life*- jgn bnyk ckp je, buat! (talking to myself) huhu.

p.s sayang kamu jugak.

pss one thing for sure, perangai i dah makin pelik. adei.