Saturday, July 5, 2014

kids, kiddo, kudos

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I thinking of writing on my experience in ortho dept.  Just a lil bit here and there. Hidup ni kan satu ibrah. Ehehs.

Alkisah kilink tulang 3.0. ehehs.

Kisah 1

I saw this 10 y/o young man (M) in the clinic last week but being me, the blur one, memang tak ingat laa except certain cases. huhu. so, today, this young man datang lagi for follow up, hoping to take out the cast at his left ankle.

the introduction at the consultation's door.
"do you remember me?" *with a big smile on his face*

during the consultation, while the doc checking his xray, pandang-pandang with finger cross dengan harapan cast out today. ehehs. senyum je la.

after the consultation
M: can you please sign your name on the cast?
Doc: do you have a girlfriend?
M: no *with a sheepish smile on the face*
The mum: he even ask the girl at the xray to sign.

so, we did sign. layan je la.

Kisah 2

Minggu lepas, another young man age 7 came with fracture finger, termasuk dalam tractor katanya. Well, this time I remembered him. Why so significant? He injured himself for 10 days but the bone was not healing. So, the doc discussed with another reg at another room, leaving me with him and his dad for sooo long. Maka, bermulalah history taking and the kid was being soooo curious with everything i.e door, computer, couch. *tak leh duduk diam* kagum sebenarnya.

Just before we called him in, I saw he was playing Ipad. But in the consultation room, dengan tak buat apa-apa, and stuck with this medical student yang turut sama blur and banyak tanya soalan. Ehehs. He didn't even ask for Ipad from his dad and he choose to explore the world. How amaze is that in this century. Now you know why I remember this kiddo. hehe.

This week story, they come again to the clinic, for follow up, post-opt k-wire.

While calling other patient's name, I saw him standing at the door of the waiting room. and he wave his hand at me! Geee. How am I not excited. hehe.

Just do good to this kids because thats what the Prophet teach us to do.

Anas ibn Maalik relates that an elderly man approached, wanting an audience with the Prophet Mohammed -peace be upon him-, but the people were slow to make room for him, so the Prophet said:
"He is not one of us he who does not show mercy to our little ones (children) and does not respect the rights of our elders"
Prophet Mohammed -peace be upon him-, has said, "I have been sent to perfect your conduct"
and "A fathers' teaching his child good manners is better than giving a bushel of grain in charity" 

so, do good and teach your family members to do good too.

*tolongla tengok video ni. serious best, tak tipu* hehe

Apt 15
6 Ramadhan 1435H

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